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24th of October, 2011Articles8 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I thought it was time I stopped waiting for calls back from psychiatrists and just do something. As such, I did a lot of research and decided I might as well self-prescribe hormones. I have read about all the risks involved and I will be getting regular blood tests. I just felt that I needed to do this and couldn’t take waiting for it any more.

I am starting myself out on 2mg Estradiol and 100mg Spironolactone per day. From what I’ve read, these doses are fairly low and would be a good starting point. After I’ve got my blood work done, I may increase the doses as needed. I took my first dose last night and of course don’t expect anything immediately. I just can’t wait until things do start to happen though.


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  1. Crystal


    From where are you getting your self-prescribed medicine?

    • GeekToGirl

      I got them from InHouse Pharmacy. They seem pretty trustworthy and are a New Zealand company.

      • Jade

        They’re a NZ company? That’s news to me… I live in NZ and they won’t ship to me :(

        • GeekToGirl

          Well, they ship from Vanuatu and the NZ laws probably won’t allow them to ship back to NZ itself.

  2. Amolain

    Congrats, it’s a wonderful feeling to take that first step, isn’t it? :)
    You’re taking the same as me, only I’ve been on 6mg Estrofem & 200mg Spironolactone for about 14 months now. :)

  3. Ana

    Hey, that’s great!
    As for my suggestion of what to do, I would say get your blood tested right now. Look at your hormone levels, and then get your blood tested again around 6×30 dosages later. It’s about six months, which is a pretty standard amount of time to check hormone levels.

  4. Jackie

    Spironolactone works well for some. Be careful about your potassium intake. If your levels are not where you’d like them to be, try taking cyproterone acetate instead. It’s also available from InHouse, doesn’t have the side effects of spiro, and will be more effective. I take 50 mg of cyproterone a day and my endo almost fell out of his chair when he got my testosterone results back.

  5. wendygrrl

    Thank you for sharing… I may just try Inhouse to MTF hormones until I find a clinic to go to here in Chicagoland area…

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